Bryan Stewart is simply the best branding and program development person I’ve met across the globe. I’ve known Bryan 30+ years and have seen his work, including comprehensive, impactful programs as well as branding that sets ideas apart. Bryan’s impact on the people he leads and inspires is renowned. Bryan changes organizations and frankly, changes lives. I recommend Bryan without reservation for his leadership, marketing and program development abilities.
— Deb Raupp - International Leadership Consultant


After collaborating with Bryan for twelve years, I can unequivocally state that he is an exceptional strategist. He has an uncanny ability to connect stakeholders, imagery, and storytelling into a cohesive brand vision.
— Thomas Asfeldt - Director, Outpatient Cancer Services & Radiation Oncology, Sanford Medical Center



I have had the great privilege to work with Bryan for many years in the joint effort to increase organ donation awareness. Bryan not only exercises great thought and thorough attention to detail on projects, he envelops you in an emotive and expressive journey which can never be forgotten. Simply put, if you want to make an impact, Bryan is your guy!
— Aaron Gilchrist - Global Director of Business Development, Bridge to Life

Bryan Stewart is the person you want on your team. His intuitive ability and relational skills are a bonus to his integrity, analytical reasoning and artistic bent. The result is a product that exceeds your hopes and expectations.
— Carol Piekaar - Director (Ret.), Kirk O' The Valley School


Taking the relatively simple concept of entering a float in the iconic Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, Bryan was able to leverage Donate Life’s message about the power of organ and tissue donation in unique and innovative ways to attract, engage and involve literally thousands more individuals and organizations throughout the world.
— Richard W. Jackson - 2012 President, Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association



When it comes to branding and marketing, there’s no one I trust more! Working with Bryan is like working with a trusted friend that can finish your sentences and know exactly what you need and want, while also being caring, compassionate, careful to catch every detail, and blowing your mind with his Jedi-like strategic, out-of-the-box thinking!
— Christina Courtney - Intuitive Artist, Coach and Speaker

I have worked with Bryan across several different organizations and roles in the last decade. He is truly amazing in that he can step into an organization, gather all the details from the mess, and create streamlined branding and programs that are inspiring and hugely successful.
— Annie Kure - Vice President of Sales, The Outdoor Recreation Group



Bryan is a visionary who is able to will things into existence and make them seem like they’ve been around forever. He is one of the most creative, thorough and focused people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.
— Aaron Mendelsohn - Screenwriter and Writers Guild of America West Board Member